Rest for postpartum mothers,
and a healthy first step for the baby.

In the Asian region of China and Korea, people are familiar with "postpartum care," a relaxed one-month postpartum period, but in Japan, awareness is still low.
Bridgian will focus on postpartum care in Japan and work to solve this problem. We hope to raise awareness of postpartum care and eliminate the number of people who simply did not know about it.
We are developing this business of postpartum care so that we can sincerely help those who seek our support.

Mamma Levata

Mamma Levata is a postpartum care accommodation service that helps postpartum mothers maintain their physical and mental balance.
Through a safe environment where you can leave your baby in the care of our professional staff, we will support your first step toward your new life.
There are numerous places to visit around the hotel. Since you can walk to the Iidabashi and Suidobashi areas, where you can feel the history from the past to the present, you can enjoy sightseeing and strolling at your leisure.

Features and Strengths

Our staff with professional knowledge and experience will be there to support postpartum mothers and their families.
We provide not only mental and physical care for postpartum mothers, but also childcare support so that they can face the challenges of child rearing with peace of mind.

For your peace of mind, 100% of our staff are certified. They are certified midwives, nursery nurses, nurses, or postpartum caregivers.

In addition, Bridgian has partnerships with hospitals that specialize in postpartum care, allowing for smooth referrals to hospitals.

Postpartum Care Business

We are looking for partners to support postpartum care together.
If you would like to use part of the hotel for postpartum care or set up postpartum care equipment, please feel free to contact us first.

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Staff Wanted

Would you like to support mothers with many problems to enjoy raising their children? We can provide support for mothers at our postpartum care facility, care for cute newborn babies, and other front desk and operational duties.

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