Why not aim for synergy?

Bridian is developing its business in Japan with a focus on the promotion business for China. We hope to be of service to all companies with our network and know-how cultivated through our advertising and promotion business, as well as our services and contents.

To this end, we are looking for companies or sole proprietors who can work together as partners by tying up their services, contents, know-how, etc. with our business, while aiming for synergistic effects for both companies.

We welcome proposals for any size of partnership.

What Bridgian does best.

Medical CoordinationMedical Coordination
postpartum carepostpartum care
Real estate brokerage for wealthy individualsReal estate brokerage for wealthy individuals
Promotion for ChinaPromotion for China

Major fields and industries you wish to partner with

medical tourism

  • medical institution
  • Medical institutions that can accept patients from other countries

Medical institutions that are actively considering accepting foreign patients for everything from medical checkups and physical examinations to cancer treatment.
Examples: medical checkups, physical examinations, cosmetic surgery, regenerative medicine, cancer treatment, dentistry, ophthalmology, etc.

postpartum care

  • Hotel

Hotels and accommodations that are willing to cooperate with our postpartum care program.

  • Baby goods dealers

Companies wishing to collaborate with our postpartum care facilities for product sales and sales promotion.
Examples: baby products, skin care products for pregnant women and postpartum mothers, supplements, food, etc.

Real Estate Business

  • Agents handling unlisted properties

A real estate company that handles luxury condominiums for the wealthy, investment properties, vacation homes, and other unlisted properties.